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Not all websites are created equal

My name is Fraser McTaggart, I am the owner of MCT Web. Initially my interest was in design - this quickly evolved into designing and developing for the web. My first website was made in 2007, however website development has changed a bit since then!

Passionate about technology from an early age, I've been building websites for various industries for over a decade. I enjoy helping businesses take their initial ideas to the next level and transform their vision into something that looks great and works for their business. My passion for web development grows with each advancement, and I ensure that MCT Web keeps up to date with the fast moving industry. I work with a collection of trusted freelancers to complete briefs. This allows MCT Web scale up rapidly if the project requires.

Not all websites are created equal


Turning your vision into reality starts with a plan. As a first step, we'll get aligned with your needs. From here we will create a blueprint together and gain an understanding of your users, competitors, hopes and dreams!


The information learned from the initial consultation will be used to create visuals of the website. Design is done mainly through wireframes and sketches, where you can see your website come to life.


Using the latest technologies and frameworks, the site will look and perform correctly on all required devices, browsers and screen sizes. Any additional functionality that is needed will be programmed and tested. Search engine optimisation is baked into your site as you want your website to be discoverable from the day of launch.


Once we have ooh'd and ahh'd over your gorgeous new site, we can prepare for launch. This is an exciting time and usually the biggest milestone of the project.


We can review the sites performance and any feedback you may have. Ongoing support can be provided and we can work towards gaining more visitors. I offer various maintenance packages to suit your business.
Got a big idea? Let's create a website together.

You may have a vision for a brilliant product or business. You could be looking for a pragmatic and proactive person to work in true partnership with you. Perhaps your business requires modernisation. Please get in touch. hello@mctweb.co.uk

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