Who am I? Aberdeenshire based, born and bred

The Name

Fraser Stewart McTaggart

The Place

Born and raised in Aberdeenshire, Scotland

The Life

I love spending time with my daughter Eilidh and partner Karen. When I can, I get a kick out of using oil paints to paint people and places. When I don't have time to do this, then my trusted camera gets taken out to capture the moment.

Why Development?
Passionate about technology and design from an early age, I've been building websites for various industries for over a decade. I enjoy helping businesses take their initial ideas to the next level and transform their vision into something that looks great and works for their business.
I'm fascinated by emergent technologies and methodologies, and spend a lot of time growing my knowledge. A vocal advocate of the jamstack and love working with Nuxt, vue and the node ecosystem.
Self Portrait
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