Avenue 23

Avenue 23

Avenue 23

Create a modern and trendy website to compliment the business

The multiple award winning Avenue 23 are opening a new beauty premisis. They required a trendy and easy to navigate website that would appeal to all ages. It was essential to highlight what Avenue 23 offer and to emphasise what sets them apart from the competition.

  • Create new site
  • Promote all the services that they offer
  • Help solidify their brand
  • Integrate their new booking system
0 by Fraser McTaggart
1 by Fraser McTaggart
Search Engine Optimisation

Avenue 23 required a clean and easy to navigate website. This integrated with their booking platform. The site is a progressive web app, so can be downloaded as an application on phones.

The salon had a great use of patterns internally, which were used throughout the site to solidify their branding.

The site displayed all of the services that they provide, to help both the user experience and search engine optimisation.

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