Infection Prevention Conference

Infection Prevention Conference

Infection Prevention Conference

An new website for the annual conference with interactive programme.

The Infection Prevention Society was formed in 1970 and has contributed a great amount to spreading knowledge about infection prevention. The society have an annual conference in a different part of the uk. In 2018 they decided that they wanted a new and improved website. After hearing my ideas and the vision I had for their site, they went ahead and chose my proposal to develop their site.
I was approached again in 2019 and 2020 to provide new websites for the annual conference.

0 by Fraser McTaggart
1 by Fraser McTaggart
2 by Fraser McTaggart
“Fraser was appointed web designer for my client, the Infection Prevention Society in early 2018. Since then, Fraser has developed their annual conference website in to a sleek, user friendly forum. Design aspect aside, Fraser is extremely prompt in handling any update requests and does so with the utmost professionalism. Myself and my client continue to be thrilled with the website”
Lauren Nagle

Events Manager

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Infection Prevention Conference

The focus was on promoting their stunning new developments and increasing website traffic.

Infection Prevention Conference
Infection Prevention Conference

By using lazy loading, and .webp file format with fallback images, this ensured the site is fast for all browsers.

Infection Prevention Conference

I created a small custom made content management system

Infection Prevention Conference
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