Sunshine Nursery

Sunshine Nursery

Sunshine Nursery

Rebrand the business and develop a new website with parent hub

Sunshine Nursery have a great business however their branding and website was looking a bit dated. Working with a team from Sunshine Nursery, we completely redesigned the brand.

  • Rebrand the business
  • Produce design guidelines
  • Create new site
  • Develop a parent hub
0 by Fraser McTaggart
1 by Fraser McTaggart

We started with a complete rebranding of the Nursery. It was important to have a modern, clean and friendly brand image to match their business.

Several versions were produced and refined so that the management could choose a brand that was most aligned with their vision.

Once a design was finalised, a detailed design specification was created to ensure the branding stayed consistent.

The website was mockup up and then coded using the JAMstack methodology. Strapi was used as a headless cms, which was containerised and hosted on google cloud. This ensured low running costs and scalability.

The parent hub has different levels of users, and depending on the rooms that their child is in, means that they have access to only relevant newsletters, policies and events. This will also display the staff members that are assigned to their room so that they are aware of any changes to the childrens carers.

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