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Broombank Publishing

Create ecommerce site & branding

Ian from Broombank Publishing has a great portfolio of self published books. His website was outdated and didn't showcase his work and photography to it's full potential. It was important to him that the site reflected his photography style, whilst also being modern, responsive and easy to navigate. It was imperitive that the site was fast across the globe, as he sells his books worldwide.

  • Create a logo for Broombank Publishing
  • Develop a new website to showcase his books and photography
  • Ecommerce site, linked with his current payments processor - paypal
  • Create a view-inside page turning component
  • Content management system to edit and add content
  • Develop a package size and weight calculator to ensure postage is kept to a minimum for the customer
0 by Fraser McTaggart
1 by Fraser McTaggart
“From the first time I met Fraser he impressed me as being far more interested in delivering exactly what I wanted rather than imposing his own vision on me! He spent time trying to get a sense not only of the books which I have produced but also of me, so that the site he designed would reflect my tastes and my photographic abilities in the best way possible. The final site is as close to my initial conception as it could possibly be. I am really quite delighted with it and the reaction of my many friends and contacts has been overwhelmingly positive. I will not hesitate to recommend him to people in a similar position. ”
Ian Macilwain

Author & Photographer

During the discovery phase, we went through his portfolio of books and discussed his body of work. Ian had a strong vision for his site already, so we spent some time to ensure that the initial design was exactly as he had envisioned.

The site was developed using the JAMstack methodology to ensure great speed and search engine scores.

A page turning component was created so that users could preview the book before buying.

It was important that the site kept a clean and modern aesthetic throughout the whole process. As such, the basket and payment flow was created from scratch. Delivery costs are calculated dynamically; package dimensions, weight and recipients country is factored in to the cost calculation.

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