The International Federation of Infection Control

The International Federation of Infection Control

The International Federation of Infection Control

Bring the brand up to date and redesign their website

The International Federation of Infection Control was formed in 1987 and is a dedicated to the prevention and control of healthcare associated infections. The board saw my previous work and and asked me give their website a new lease of life, as it hadn't been updated in some time.

Their previous site was created in wordpress, and had over 100 pages, some of which were hard to get to and had important information on.

The brief required the following:

  • Bring the site up to modern day looks and functionality
  • Transfer site away from wordpress to a content management system that that was easier to use
  • Members area - board and regular member specific content
  • Online registration
  • Members messaging functionality
  • Events calendar
  • News/blog pages

Starting with a sitemap, we worked to get the overall pages down and to improve user flow. We managed to get the page count to under 20, however kept all relevant information.

0 by Fraser McTaggart
1 by Fraser McTaggart

IFIC required an online application that could be used for paying members to access restricted content. Online payments were setup, with options for discounts that some users could apply for.

The site was set up with Perch cms, this meant that running costs were kept at a minimum, while still offering a secure and fast site.

There were several bespoke forms to join as a member. These required admin approval before accepting payment.

The logo was redesigned so that it still kept the original map element.

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