The Mains of Drum Garden Centre

The Mains of Drum Garden Centre

The Mains of Drum Garden Centre

Design for web, print and email.

A multi award winning family run business in Aberdeenshire. The website required a fresh new look and a solution was required to speed up the process of creating plant information cards.

I migrated their plant data that was on an excel spreadsheet to a database and created an API to serve my front end application. The app allowed the plant team to update and create new information cards. Previously this required a plant expert and the advertising team. With the app that I created, it saved hours of repetitive work every month.

The application was then expanded to allow all of the team to create point of sale signage and even posters, again saving the advertising team a vast amount of hours.

The website was also refreshed, using hooks to populate the front page with dynamic content that was different upon every visit. Using analytics, it was discovered that the recipes portion of the site was very popular, however wasn't regularly updated. With the redesign, this was made more prominent and has significantly improved the average time that users spent on each page.

Several print and email campaigns have been run successfully to promote the business and specific events, such as sales or new products.

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The Mains of Drum Garden Centre

A node REST api was created so that the backend could be served from their internal server, keeping running costs at £0.

The Mains of Drum Garden Centre
The Mains of Drum Garden Centre

It is easy for users to create signage and posters that keep consistent branding throughout the media used in the garden centre. Staff can quickly create plant information signs that have already been signed off, meaning that content is always accurate and photos are correct.

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